Ok it’s been a while since I haven’t post my playlist. But for once, I’ll change and upload a small post on three movies I watched recently. Since I just finished my internship, I had time to watch series and go to theaters!

1 – STAR WARS: The Last Jedi // I never watched Star Wars. Until last month. I can say I did a SW marathon during one week. I was getting tired of people (well especially boys) saying “what? You never watched Star Wars??”. The thing is I was lazy. Six episodes to watch, it’s long and the first ones were filmed in the end of the 70s! So I can tell you I wasn’t so excited. But I am curious. Very curious. When the 7th episode was release in 2015, so much people were talking about it. It was THE big event. I began to be intrigued. The new Disney franchise was everywhere; at McDonald’s, on your soda can, on your box of cereals… Of course I knew some names “Luke Skywalker, Darth Vador, Princess Leia, Chewbacca…”, but I didn’t know anything about the story. So one day, I decided it was time! And boy what did I miss, I just loved it. It didn’t surprise me so much because I love Sci-fi but SW was, for me, the nerds’ favorite movie. My apologies. I already knew I was a little nerd but I loved so much the saga that I finished them in less than a week and had to go to the cinema to watch the last one (and go find someone to watch it with you!). The Last Jedi is in my top list because the new cast is refreshing (don’t worry #LukeSkywalker is a legend) and I’m in love with Adam Driver (BIG BIG CRUSH).

2. The Greatest Showman // I love Hugh Jackman, he seems so nice, you just want to hang out with him. He’s such an amazing actor! The original soundtrack is fire and so is Zac Efron (forever my teenager’s crush) – and shout-out to Michelle Williams, so lovely and beautiful.

Favorite soundtracks of the movie:

The Other Side – Hugh Jackman & Zac Efron (the scene at the bar is epic)

Never Enough – Loren Allred (amazing performance of Rebecca Ferguson)

Tightrope – Michelle Williams

3. COCO // Because I almost cried at the end ❤



I’m (not so) good. Maybe sad and definitively lost.

It must be one year that I didn’t write a thing in this blog and I’m not sure someone is reading this but it’s a kind of diary for me.

The last time I was saying I missed my life in Paris because of everything I did and now it’s quite the opposite. Lots (I mean A LOT) of things happened since this time. I went to Montréal as planned and came back to Paris for another six months and now… Well after this hectic life, I’m back at home. At my parent’s house. I just graduated (yeah) from my Master degree and now I had to find a job. THE JOB. You know, you’re studying you’re entire life (for instance) and then it’s finaly over and the worst is coming. It’s been only one month but I’m already bored. It’s difficult to find a job. There is competition and to much interview for one position. Sometimes I want to cry. I love being busy, learning, travelling and here I am. In my old room typing this and looking for the ideal position in an international company. I wasn’t ready for this. I’m lost.

It’s scary when some of your childhood friends have a job, a boyfriend, some have a child and are saving money to buy a house or a flat. And once again I’m standing here, alone, without a job, at my parent house. Yes life is depressing in 2018. The hardest thing is to stay positive and motivated.

I’m a dreamer. That’s my problem. I want so much and I hard on myself. I’m too young but I already understood that we have only one life and I want to do so many thing. Even for my job, I want to do everything and not being stick at one “profile”. I want to live somewhere else, far from here, where no one can judge you.

I really wish I’ll read this in six month and smiling thinking it was only a bad and sad moment.

In the meantime, I’ll write another post to keep this blog alive.

Keeping the memories ❤


Beauty of life

If you take a look at my Facebook or my Instagram, you will see that I’m not someone to complain. I’ve got friends, I love to travel to diferent places and I look happy. Why am I writing this article? Some people already told me things like “I wish I were like you”, “your life seems cool! So jealous ;)”

Let me say it right: You just see what I decided to post and It’s nothing like that in real life. My life is not an Instagram life. I went through dark and sad moments. Maybe just right now it’s one of them. I don’t feel so good, i’m a little nostalgic and sad. And it’s not a problem, THAT’S life. Life is not being perfect and happy all the time.

So I’m talking to you, behind your screen. Maybe you’re just reading this post and smiling or you really understand what I mean. If you feel sad or alone, you’re not. Everyone of us is feeling that but little of us show it. Do not focus on everything you see on internet. People are posting what they want you to see. Some of them show you how perfect their lives are but most of the time, it’s those one who are the most alone.

This post may be useless but I’m not in a good mood, I ask myself a lot of questions and I’m listening quite sad musics. I feel like Bridget Jones right now and I just need to cry with an ice cream pot and a cheesy movie.

But life is made of up and downs. That’s the beauty of it.

Back to school

Funny, I don’t write a lot in this blog. To be honest, I don’t have time 🙂

I remember just one year ago, I was stressed of moving in Paris for my internship. Everything was changing and it can be scary at some points. I didn’t know the city and Paris is not a small one. My friends were evereywhere but in this place. Everything was new but I wouldn’t change a thing for anything. I was happy. Maybe this is what I can say about this experience. I loved so much my parisian life that I extented my internship and stayed until the last day I could. I made new and wonderful friends and explored the city with them. What I loved? Discovering. I went to theaters, cinemas, concerts, restaurants, museums, parcs, radio and TV shows, book signing and so on. Everything I didn’t do before, I tried to do it. And that’s why I loved so much big cities. You have always something to do 🙂

Now I’m back in school. I miss my new friends even if I have my old ones that I love. I almost lived with them for one year so it’s difficult the first weeks to be back in a smaller city without my habits “metro, boulot, dodo” I could say but it was more. It was a way of life that I embraced. I loved my friends, my neighborhood, my colleagues, my job. In one word: my life.

It’s complicated to be back in your old student life without any revenu. Fortunately, my courses are interesting this year and I leave for Canada in 3 months for a new university. Once again, one year ago, I couldn’t imagine all these things!

I’m young but one thing I learned during my studies is:

If you want so badly something, you have to work hard and go for it!

Young. Give me more.

Time is running so quickly when you’re busy. I enjoy every minutes of my life.

Young – Free – Lonely – Unique

1 – PILLOWTALK by ZAYN : Yes please, that’s pure perfection.

2 – Sorry by Justin Bieber : I love his last album! He’s becoming so much great with his new style. Wow I never through I would say that one day.

3 – Love Yourself by Eminem : I just saw 8 mile this year (14 years after its release damn ..) and I feel like I missed something. I knew some of his songs but I never been listening it properly. Eminem is quite a rap god. Seriously.

4 – Hands To Myself by Selena Gomez : She’s a goddess

5 – Complicated by Avril Lavigne : Feeling nostalgic.


It would be a lie to say I wasn’t looking forward to hear his first EP as a solo artist. He has something in his style and voice I loved and I knew, once he left his boysband, he could do something nice with his own musical universe. I was even glad that finally, one of them left. I enjoy listening 1D because you can sing along with their songs easily and it’s fun but here, it’s another level. It’s so much better.

What I love the most is the fact that even if it wasn’t Zayn singing this, I would love it because Pillowtalk is the kind of music I’m fond of.

October 2015. Starting Something New

Hii, I’m in Paris. I’ve got somewhere to live, I’m making new friends and I enjoy everything about my student life. That’s not perfect but I think I needed to start something new.

This playlist is just what I like to listen after work in the subway and in the streets.

1 – Waiting For Love (Addal Remix) by Avicii 

2 – Miami 82 (Kygo Remix) by Syn Cole

3 – Lay It All On Me (feat. Ed Sheeran) by Rudimental

4 – Ain’t Nobody (Loves Me Better) feat. Jasmine Thompson by Felix Jaehn : I’m also fond of this version

5 – Bloodstream by Ed Sheeran

Common girl discovering life